Friday, January 16, 2009

French Toast Ideas

I found a page on All Recipes with some cute ideas for serving French toast and thought I'd pass them along.

Dipables. Slice bread into strips for a finger food-style, hands-on breakfast. (*I still eat my French toast like this :-))

Kabobs. Cut bread into small squares, soak quickly in batter, then cook in a pan, stirring occasionally to be sure they are browned on all sides. Use kabob sticks, alternating pieces of French toast with pieces of fresh fruit.

Shapes. Use cookie cutters to create fun-shaped pieces of French toast--cut up extra bread into bite-size pieces to sprinkle around the plate with the shapes. (*my parents would always do this on St. Patrick's Day adding green food coloring to the egg mixture and cutting 4-leaf clovers out of the bread)

Sandwiches. Cut bread into fours, then create french toast "sandwiches" filled with sliced strawberries and low-fat cream cheese, bananas and peanut butter, or mash up berries.

Monogrammed. Cut your child's first initial out of cardboard for a stencil, then use it to dust powdered sugar letters on each slice of French toast.

If you are making several batches of French toast, you can keep cooked slices warm in a 250 degree oven.


  1. I love all of these ideas! I so often wish that Breakfast was the last meal of the day because I love all the food so much but am just not all energized first thing in the morning to do fun stuff like this!

  2. I'm thinking of doing the monogrammed French toast for the new missionaries.....just kidding! Looks fun though for a grandchild!!

  3. These are awesome ideas!! Thank you Marijke!!

  4. I think you should still do this for the new missionaries mom! These are fun ideas!