Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Union Pacific French Toast

I don't love Eggs, so French Toast has never really been my thing. This recipe however, is definitely my thing! I LOVE this french toast... probably because there are only 2 eggs in the batter and there is no real egg taste. So, if you like the traditional french toasty that is dripping with eggy-ness, this may not be for you... but try it anyway!

I got the recipe years ago from Greg's Aunt, Karen. Its a family favorite in their house... and now in ours as well. Its great with fresh fruit or just your favorite kind of syrup. Greg knows he will have a happy wife if he makes this on a Sunday morning... just like he did last Sunday! He's one smart guy, I tell ya.

Union Pacific French Toast

1 1/2 Cups Flour
2 TBSP Sugar
1/2 tsp. Salt
1 tsp. Baking Powder
1 1/2 Cups Milk
2 Eggs
French Bread, sliced 1-2 inches thick

Mix dry ingredients, then whisk in milk and eggs to make smooth batter. **Heat about 1/4 inch depth of oil in a frying pan/skillet. Once oil is heated, keep temperature @ medium to medium high heat. Dip bread in batter, completely coating both sides, and fry about 30 seconds on each side, or until the bread looks golden brown. Watch carefully so as not to scorch. Place on platter lined with paper towels to allow excess oil to drip off. The toast should have a pretty scone-like appearance. Serve warm with syrup, fruit, whipped cream, etc.

** I don't usually do this step. I just put a little butter or a small amount of oil in the pan to prevent sticking. I can't bring myself to deep fry these babies! But that said... Greg loves them when they are actually fried! Also, you really need to use a thick bread for this. Texas toast is fine, but a real french bread is better. I always use Challah bread and its heavenly!


  1. Where do you find Challah bread and what is it? Did we use this for a shower or have we ever had these at a family gathering?

  2. We've never had this at a family gathering... but we should! Challa bread is a Jewish sweet bread (pronounced halla). If you can't find it in a store, then you can always make your own. But, I would just recommend a soft french bread if there no challah nearby!

  3. The name is very misleading as those that worked on the union pacific railroad were probably not french. Maybe Irish or Asian, not french. So consider this when making the delicious taost. And it is good. So easy, I even made it!

  4. This sounds great! I love all of your recipes Ann!! We can get Challa bread here in Richmond. McKay & Kim introduced us to it. Remind us and we can bring some down to you mom next time we visit.

  5. This sounds delicious! Maybe we will make it this weekend. I love Challah bread, yum!