Thursday, March 24, 2011

Christmas Jello Salad

I was asked to make a jell-o salad for a funeral today and immediately thought of this yummy dish. Andrea made this for Christmas dinner and I loved it!

Bottom Layer:
2 cups crushed pretzels
2 TBsp sugar
1 cube (1/2 cup) melted butter

Mix and press in the bottom of a 9x13 pan. Bake at 375 for 10 minutes.

Middle Layer:
1 cup sugar
8 oz cream cheese
8 oz cool whip

Blend and pour on mostly cooled pretzel mixture.

Top layer:
2 cups boiling water
1 larger raspberry jello
2 10 oz pkg of frozen raspberries

Mix boiling water and jello powder, let stand to cool a bit. Add berries and mix until it cools and begins to harden. Spread mixture on top and refrigerate until ready to serve. Delicious!


  1. I LOVE this one. i always forget to take a picture of it though so thank you for posting it!!!! How's the new camera!!??

  2. So...I'm pretty sure that Jello is supposed to be a fatter free-er-ish type of dessert. But what is it you have done here? It looks as though you have turned it into a juicy calorie goddess! Thus inspiring me to give the wiggly dessert another shot! Woohoo!

  3. Oh this is way yummy! Thanks Em! Who passed away??

  4. Annalisa: LOVIN' the camera!!!

    Alison: Beuhla Condie. They moved in next to the Cullimores a year or so ago. She had Cancer.

  5. i'm not a big jello fan, but this sounds amazing.

  6. I have never been a big jell-o fan either. I really like this one though.