Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fruit/Vegetable Spray

This stuff is awesome!  I have been using it for years and thought you might be interested.

You spray it on fruit or veggies, rub it around and rinse it off.  It gets rid of "98% or more" of the wax, pesticides and other chemicals.  It seriously makes food taste so much better and your not digesting all the yucky things they spray on fruit/veggies.  It's made out of grapefruit oil and it's completely natural.  You should be able to get it at any grocery store, usually found in the produce section.  I'd highly recommend it.


  1. Cool. I've seen that stuff before but never really thought to use it. It's good to hear a review! Thanks!

  2. I use this product to avoid swine flu.

  3. I've seen it in at least one store (Krogers) here in South Carolina. I'll try it.